Thursday, December 10, 2009

Been Busy

It's been hard keeping up with my countless blogs, my little guy, and the endless pursuits of building more and more sites. I am constantly using Market Samurai trying to find micro niches as well as building a network of blogs. If you haven't used Market Samurai before then you're missing out, it's one of the very few products that works very well for what it does. Finding these niches takes a whole lot of time and it sort of disconnects you from the rest of the world. This has been my full time job, other than doing some SEO for a few other websites. I now have perhaps 10 new micro niche websites with a goal of 100 active websites.

I have also been spending as much time as possible reviewing other blogs, sites, and reading marketing and SEO forums. I immerse myself in thought, and constantly delve into self-exploration. I got a new great book, "The Gift of ADD". I have long since known of my proclivity for the disposition. In fact there is no doubt. Yet, especially in this day and age, it can be a great asset to have. I know I do not think like most folks out there, and am grateful and hindered at the same time. My mindset gives me the ability to quickly access the essence (that's the best word I can think of) of a wide range of disciplines, knowledge, and experiences to put pieces of the puzzle together, although not always in the proper places. But again, what are the proper places. There are no proper places, only proper mind sets. And the only proper mind set in my opinion, is one that is actively participating in life, period.

This is one of the most powerful and completely unrealized gifts of being a human. "What I make is what I am". I know most folks give lip service to this concept, yet the greater majority of people do not fully, and thoroughly utilize, understand and put into practice this most incredible power we all possess. We create, what we want to create. There is only one master in this game and it's the "I". If you don't believe that, than you live that most common way. There are no victims, no short comings, no gifts, only opportunities to expand and unfold; expand awareness, and unfold potential. You want a meaning to life that is it. We are here to expand our awareness. The great unfolding and contraction. Right now we are in the period of the great expansion. There is no greater joy in this world than cultivating your awareness.

Being a warrior, artist in the mindscape is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. In fact it is the absolute most difficult challenge facing mankind. One first has to have the will to grab the reigns and the personal power to do so. It is sort of an awakening, a great realization if you will. From there it takes an on going inner and outer self exploration on a most constant basis. One needs to take on the almost overwhelming task of de-constructing the web of influence that has conditioned his mindset in the first place. It's very hard for people to do this because it means for them to perhaps contradict the knowledge imparted from the ones they love and respect. Keep in mind, that they too have suffered from the same web of influences, and that all webs of influence are interconnected, interrelated, and interactive. From birth we are blessed and cursed with our web of influence, your web of influence are factors of the people, places, institutions, etc that all exert their "mindset", frames of reference, and experiences upon us from birth. Your web of influence commonly consists of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandparents, other relatives, religious institutions, teachers, the places you spend most of your time, and the media you watch. All of these factors make up a web that is interconnected, interrelated, and interactive; they all build upon each other creating a strong cohesion of influence. It relates directly to the astounding principle of compounding interest and to the concept of secondary and higher order effects. Patterns emerge that the mind cross-references building a stronger and more static mindset. When you aren't aware of such forces, these influences will subconsciously bind you to beliefs that aren't necessarily your own, but of your web of influence. Many psychological and evolutionary tendencies come into play here. I may continue this aspect of influence in a later blog. Yet, I would like to get to the point. We did not actively invite this web of influence to run its course, we simply did not have a choice in the matter. Although, as adults, later in life we do have the choice. We have the choice to de-construct the work of this web of influence and explore it thoroughly throughout our lifetime. We can actively decide for ourselves what makes sense to keep and what to throw out through our own set of rational standards under our own will and intent. Exceptionally powerful stuff! To be able to craft your mind according to your will and true intent. Very powerful concepts! I tell you this can be done, the benefits are unmatched and completely worthwhile. The quality of life this brings about is beyond the scope of comparison. Living in the now and creating how you actively participate in life is utterly amazing. I will continue further at another time. The first step is realization, pulling out from the void that it can be done.

I sort of went on a tangent here, but I just wanted to let things flow. To my select readers, please do not confuse my ramblings with New Age philosophies or self help nonsense or anything of that matter. You don't need any other device, book, program, preacher, teacher or anything of that matter, all you need is your self and your will.

When all combinations have run there course, we will all stand utterly confused...

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