Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome to the Outskirts of Nomansland

I have decided to develop a blog that will explore, share, and detail my own personal interests. It will also serve up a certain level of entertainment as I am often didactic and chuck full of contrary to status-quo beliefs. I will do my best to share interesting knowledge from a multi-diciplinary approach. I thoroughly enjoy gaining wisdom from all fields of study without regard to boundaries.

I will, however, attempt to tie everything together in order to serve a greater purpose. The undercurrent of the blog will try to strive for objectivity, while exalting the amazing power of critical thinking. There are so many brilliant minds, theories, and insights, whether past or present, out there to be assimilated by the eager life student.

Topics/Interests that will consume most of the blog's material are: Internet Marketing, SEO, Economics, Investing, Awareness cultivation, Psychology, and Life knowledge acquisition. The list may grow at my whim.

As a matter of personal integrity I will review books, ideas, products, websites, etc. with objectivity and ruthlessness. I will NEVER promote an idea, product, or website that I do not fully believe in. Never underestimate the incentive-bias of many other blog authors attempting to review books and products only to sell you their "opinion".

In my next post I will give a brief personal introduction.

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